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Brian Peddar

Join host Brian Peddar as he interviews guests on a variety of topics:

* Education and life-long learning

* People with special skill & abilities.

* People who have made a difference in the past or present.

* Services available in our community.

* Topics of interest.

Feel free to write us with any questions, comments or suggestions for future topics:


Joignez-vous à l’animateur Brian Peddar qui reçoit des invités sur divers sujets:

* Éducation et apprentissage tout au long de la vie

* Des personnes ayant des compétences et des capacités spéciales.

* Des personnes qui ont fait ou font une différence.

* Services disponibles dans notre communauté.

* Sujets d'intérêt.

Écrivez-nous pour toute question, commentaires ou suggestions de sujets:


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The last show: (2021-06-07) Episode 38: Ewan Currie and Ryan Gullen, bandmembers from The Sheepdogs, Félix Dupont-Foisy, Artistic director, South Shore Childrens’ Chorus, and Christopher Craig, Coodinator at YMCA Youth Exchanges Canada Program accomanied by Hanna and Finnegan, secondary 3 students at Centennial Regional High School.


(2018-11-12) Episode 1: With Albert Coccia, Wayne Maybury, Tanya Linkletter, Natasha Macdonald-Borgogno, and Ruth Thomas

(2018-12-10) Episode 2: With Johnny Zatylny, Andy Walter, Wade Wilson, and performances by the Country Gentlemen

(2019-01-14) Episode 3: With Tessa Plourde of Namgis First Nation, Sasha Cardinal of ARC and Tammy Labrecque of HOPE

(2019-02-11) Episode 4: With Jerry Alfonso and Jenny Gaboury, and a special spotlight on Mount-Bruno Elementary School

(2019-03-11) Episode 5: For the Love of Cats and Dogs with Cathy Valenti, Cindy Haché, and Daniela Sisti

(2019-04-15) Episode 6: Sherri Rattray and Mark Thompson, the HRHS ringuette team, and Dolly Shinhat

(2019-05-06) Episode 7: Jean-Francois Belisle and Suzanne Winchcomb, Jennifer Lalonde, and James Voufo Safor and Alex-Ernest Adolph

(2019-06-03) Episode 8: Maude Mégin-Gaudette, Vadim, Geneviève Chagnon and Marwan Accary

(2019-07-01) Episode 9: Richard Bagordo from the Greenfield Park FootballAssociation, Christine Tourigny, Kurling for kids and Sheldon Harvey from Bird Protection Quebec.

(2019-09-02) Episode 10: Alan Globensky, aka Captain Crunch, retired hockey player, Giuliano Buffone, actor & student from HRHS Drama Program and Luigi Buffone, actor, director & playwright

(2019-09-30) Episode 11: Franca Sparapani from Seniors Respite Montérégie, Jasmine Santoyo from Harold Napper Elementary School and her mom Cheryl McGivern and Wade Wilson, Borough councillor for Greenfield Park

(2019-11-04) Episode 12: David McCallum and Emily Fleming, cast members with the Théâtre St-Bruno Players, David Schurman and Judy Csukly, workshop animators with the Lifelong Learning Group, and Veronica Thomas, director general for the Préville Fine Arts Centre

(2019-12-02) Episode 13: Chuck Halliday, Coordintator of community and business from New Frontiers School Board, Lorraine Cowan, Death café facilitator, and Julie Paquette and Marina DiPratola, teachers at Riverside School Board for the access ventures program.

(2020-01-06) Episode 14: Monica Fieger, photographer, Rachel Wagner Lemblé, coordinator of Mother Goose at SSRC, Sylvie Dagenais-Douville, certified Laughter Yoga Instructor, and a spotlight : Mount Bruno Elementary, students bring joy to residents at CHSLD de Montarville

(2020-02-03) Episode 15: Sherry Romanado, member of Parliament for Longueuil—Charles-LeMoyne, Michel Foisy and Nicholas Foisy, members of Toastmasters International, Denis Bowes, Teacher of Stationary Engine Mechanics, accompanied by Anthony Dilalla and Alexandru Popean, Stationary Engine Mechanics Students, and a spotlight for a Building Community Together Event

(2020-03-02) Episode 16: Geneviève Chagnon, development Officer for RSB Business Services, Christina Bell and Arthur Paquet, teacher coordinator and student for Adam’s P.A.C.E., Laura Prince, treasurer for the South Shore Educational Foundation, and a spotlight : SPCA cats and dogs fundraiser

(2020-04-08) Episode 17: Robert Myles, president, Greenfield Park Borough, Cindy Haché, volunteer SPCA Montérégie, Sheldon Harvey, member of Bird Protection Québec, Gilbert Dionne, retired professional hockey player, Kim St-Pierre, retired olympic canadian hockey player, and Rose Nemeth and Nick Garou

(2020-04-15) Episode 18: Doreeen Assaad, mayor of Brossard, Guillaume Landry, university Student, Dominique Tur, ACCESS, Riverside School Board, Luigi Buffone, Actor, Caroline Toteda from LEARN, and Shy Shy Schuller, singer

(2020-04-22) Episode 19: Marvin Matthews, retired, singer, song writer, guitar teacher, band member & volunteer, Sherry Romanado, member of Parliament for Longueuil-Charles LeMoyne, Franca Sparapani, executive director of not for profit, Seniors Respite Monteregie, Dan Lamoureux, chair of the Council of Commissioners for Riverside School Board, and Kaila Warten, student from sec 5 supposed to graduate this year here on the south shore of Montreal

(2020-04-29) Episode 20: Nathalie Boisclair, Saint-Hubert borough president, Mike Wilson, Precision Auto Detailing, disinfection treatment for vehicles, Xixi Li, executive director at Centre Sino-Québec, Brossard, Chrissanthi Nastopoulos, administrator of Facebook group, South Shore of Montreal Moms, Gabriella, musician-singer (took part in The Voice France), and Glenn Hogan, citizen in Saint-Hubert, Parkinson’s awareness month

(2020-05-06) Episode 21: Ashley Beerworth, special education technician, Adam Karch, singer and guitarist, Dave Maynard, Théâtre Saint-Bruno Players, Patricia Quesnel, senior citizen living in residence in Brossard, and Ella Amir, executive director of AMI-Quebec

(2020-05-11) Episode 22: Naya Ali, Hip-Hop artist, Demi Frantzeskakis, director of CPE Hellenique Piloupi, Julie Paquette and Xavier Gomes, teachers in the Ventures Program at ACCESS Royal Oak, and Foudil Selmoune, Islamic Community Center

(2020-06-01) Episode 23: Audrey Burt, founder-president, Soutien Autisme Support (S. Au. S.), David Archambault, volunteer at The Caring Garden, and Nicole Menard, member of the National Assembly of Quebec for Laporte, Quebec Liberal Party

(2020-06-15) Episode 24: Marie-Claire Maniragaba, community worker, Maison Internationale de la Rive-Sud, Veronica Thomas, director general, Preville Fine Arts Centre, and Andrea Best, RN, Health Sector Department Head, ACCESS

(2020-06-29) Episode 25: Johnny Zatylny, band member, singer, composer, Don Murray, teacher at Riverside School Board, and Premela Pearson, president of Arthritis South Shore

(2020-07-13) Episode 26: Cameron Brodeur, Actor, Melanie Cesari, Secretary and Head Athletic Therapist, Greenfield Park Packers, and Ghyslain Vallieres, Public Relations, The Agglomération de Longueuil police department

(2020-08-17) Episode 27: The Reverend Linda Faith Chalk of The Rector of St. Paul's Church with Alan Briand, parishioner and volunteer, Freddie James, singer, actor and comedian, and Kristin Wiens, teacher, inclusion coach, speaker and author

(2020-09-14) Episode 28: Dr Julie Loslier, director of public health for the Monteregie, Maude Boulay, development and communication agent, CDCAL, and Daniela Sisti, employee for the SPCA de la Monteregie

(2020-10-05) Episode 29: Sam Roberts, rock singer-songwriter, Sam Roberts Band, Dan Lamoureux, Chairperson of Riverside School Board, and Bernie Constantini, Member of the Greenfield Park Lions Club

(2020-10-26) Episode 30: Marc Swiednicki, Private Chef and TV Food Personality, Marc Swiednicki, Private Chef and TV Food Personality, and Catherine Séguin, Councillor at Centre de Soutien Entr’Aidants

(2020-11-16) Episode 31: Cheryl (Cantwell) Moores, President of Royal Canadian Legion (Branch 94) Greenfield Park, Grace Palmieri, IB PYP coordinator, Courtland Park International Elementary School, and Laurence Chadwick, Social Work Student in internship, Pavillon Marguerite de Champlain

(2020-12-07) Episode 32: Sophie Lawi, Facilitator-Community Developer, Kids Code Jeunesse, Kim Blackie & Fred Goodall, Committee members, GPK Oldtimers Association, and Wade Wilson, Borough Councillor for the district of Greenfield Park

(2021-01-18) Episode 33: Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer & Harry Angus Rice, Elected Chiefs from the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke, Bob Matthey, Member, Otterburn Park Boating Club, and Spotlight: Generosity and Acts of Kindness Projects at some Riverside School Board schools

(2021-02-15) Episode 34: Xavier Léger, Municipal Councilor for Georges-Dor in Longueuil, Sherry Romanado, Member of Parliament for Longueuil-Charles LeMoyne, and Chuck Halliday, Author

(2021-03-15) Episode 35: Carole Raby, Citizen of McMasterville, South Shore Literacy Council with Rachel Wagner Lemblé, Executive Director and Robin Sales, Program Coordinatoor, and Tom MacDonald, Singer and guitar player, Utopia Press

(2021-04-12) Episode 36: Melanie MacArthur : Student Supervisor, Good Shepherd School, Dr. Josée Deslongchamps : Veterinarian, and Michael Gareau : Treasurer, Board of Directors, ARC with Lynn Osborne : Program Coordinator, ARC

(2021-05-10) Episode 37: Sophie Lapointe, Elementary School Principal, Riverside, Andie Rubio, Background actor and independent filmmaker, and Dan Lamoureux, Chairperson of Riverside School Board

(2021-06-07) Episode 38: Ewan Currie and Ryan Gullen, bandmembers from The Sheepdogs, Félix Dupont-Foisy, Artistic director, South Shore Childrens’ Chorus, and Christopher Craig, Coodinator at YMCA Youth Exchanges Canada Program accomanied by Hanna and Finnegan, secondary 3 students at Centennial Regional High School.

(2021-08-12) Episode 39: Ron Kappert, coordinator, Canada Day Event, Greenfield Park, Longueuil, QC, Canada, Don Murray, co-Founder and Board Member, Kids Sake, and Jamie Malysh, summer Camp Director, Préville Fine Arts Center

(2021-09-06) Episode 40: Lintao Hu, semi-rural activities coordinator, Let's Talk Science Outreach, McGill University, Luc Barsalou, chairman of the board, Carrefour Le Moutier, and Melanie Brethour, founder, Decoding Dyslexia Quebec

(2021-09-27) Episode 41: Leticia Gonzalez, Founder, Greenfield Park Rises, Jessica Bickford, Founder and Director, Phoenix Community Projects, and Chris Tremblay, Regional Coordinator, Atlantic Canada (BOKS)